Sugar High

IT’SUGAR founder Jeff Rubin had previously started Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC and FAO Schweetz, in conjunction with the eponymous toy store. But he knew he needed something unique and different, and that’s where we came in. In a world where low-carb, zero calorie, no fun-diets have taken over, you are judged by what you eat, and kale is a thing people actually ingest, we felt that there was a place for the unapologetic embrace of the sheer joy candy brings into people’s lives. Together, we built a brand that is a little rebellious and a lot of fun. It conforms to nothing but the pursuit of happiness and takes nothing seriously except candy and old Saturday Night Live skits. We have curated every touch point of the IT’SUGAR brand, from the in-store graphics, to product development and package design. Together, we worked with IT’SUGAR to launch their very first store, and are proud to say we continue to help them thrive now that they have 100 stores worldwide and growing.